Conservationists With Common Sense (CWCS)

CWCS Isle Royale
Letter of Support

November 7, 2000

Isle Royale Boaters Association
Jim Markham, President
P.O. Box 97
Houghton, MI 49931

Dear Mr. Markham,

Conservationists with Common Sense (CWCS) has been in contact with some of the Isle Royale Boaters Association (IRBA) members. We have discussed your lawsuit with our board of directors and sympathize with your endeavors.

CWCS has been involved in several similar lawsuits in the past ten years. Our most notable was our appeal to the United States Court of Appeals, Eighth Circuit regarding the return of three trucks to three motorized portages within the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota. We have shared this information with some of your board members, and you have seen that we have been persistent.

It wasn’t until the urging of Senator Rod Grams that Congressman James Oberstar finally included the return of trucks to two of the portages in an Omnibus Bill in late 1998. The spring season of 1999 saw the return of these trucks, which had been removed from the portages since 1992 – a standard means of transportation for access to the wilderness area for over seventy years.

CWCS was also involved with a lawsuit against the U.S. Forest Service regarding its forest management plan. Like your organization, CWCS knows of the financial burden that accompanies these lawsuits.

Conservationists with Common Sense (CWCS) would like to go on record in support of the Isle Royale Boaters Association’s efforts to maintain multiple use of Isle Royale. Please feel free to list Conservationists with Common Sense (CWCS) as one of your supporters. CWCS does carry credibility and the weight of accomplishing something no other organization has done – restoring something that was taken away (for six years!) by extreme preservation groups.